June 25-26, 2017

Yankee Hill Country Club

Lincoln, Nebraska



This year, The Git-R-Done Foundation is proud to support Bryan Health of Lincoln, Nebraska. We will be raising money for a Cerebral Function Monitor for Newborns.

Bryan Foundation: Cerebral Function Monitor (CFM)- Newborns

The delivery of a newborn baby is a very joyful occasion but can also bring significant amounts of stress and critical observations during those first days of life. Physicians and nurses are trained to stay highly aware of the movements and vitals of a newborn baby. When a baby is born premature they are sent to the NICU, but sometimes full term babies can show signs of needing additional intensive care and critical observation. One of these most critical observations are newborn seizures..

Early Detection of Seizures

Infant seizures are usually clinically subtle, inconspicuous and difficult to recognize.A Cerebral Function Monitor can capture highly sensitive and minor seizures, allowing for early detection and treatments to be administered immediately.When seizures are diagnosed early on, it can prevent long term physical and mental impairment, including death. If seizures are not diagnosis in a timely manner they can become more severe and something that is observed by parents or caregivers after the newborn is discharged from the hospital.

EEG vs new CFM Technology

Currently, Bryan uses an older electroencephalography (EEG) which unfortunately do not always pick up on the most sensitive and subtle seizure activities. The latest NATUS Newborn CFM would provide the most accurate brain monitoring activities so that these behaviors, intensities and sources can be interpreted and addressed in real time.

The CFM is also able to detect “sub clinical” seizures, which means it can recognize the early signs and even be prepared to treat and observe seizures instead of being reactive and often times improperly diagnosis.


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